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Gemini Observatory User Resources

The files in this directory include information of interest to all users of Gemini. Included is general information on Gemini's capabilities, the proposal process as well as images and video that can be used for lectures and other general purposes.

You will find the following in this directory:

  1. Instrument Capabilities - Key capabilities of all Gemini instruments and general information about the observatory [PDF];
  2. Proposal Guide - General information on Gemini, scheduling, how to propose for observing time, and even arrange a visit to participate in observations at Gemini (includes direct links to key Gemini web pages) [HTML];
  3. Legacy Images - A variety of Gemini images for printing and use in presentations. Also see for a full selection of images.
  4. Video - Included here is an animation on adaptive optics and the Gemini laser guide star (LGS) as well as a fisheye timelapse of the operation of the Gemini North LGS. These and a variety of other videos are also available at:

Please visit our webpage at for additional information and resources.

Note: Links within this document will continue to work as long as files are not moved from their respective folders. Removing the 'Gemini Observatory' folder from the thumb drive should have no effect on the contents or links in this document if everything is kept together.